The Beginning

I have been working for several months now on getting all of my I’s dotted and T’s crossed to bring to fruition “Sip Happens Wine Tours” in Lake Country B.C.. I am happy to say this is now done! Yay! So now to the marketing of Sip Happens Wine Tours. But that will be another Blog entry for another day.

This process of starting Sip Happens Wine Tours has been fairly easy and without any roadblocks to speak of. Ya there’s a lot of paper work; back to the dotting and the crossing, but all in all it has been easier than I had imagined.

Much of the ease was due to a guy I met already in the Wine Tour business. His name is Freddy the Wine Guy from Wine Valley Tours who has been instrumental in all going well from the beginning. I also run a B&B in Carr’s Landing in Lake Country called The Lookout BNB . This is how I met Freddy who became like a mentor in the wine tour business. At The Lookout BNB last summer, I had 4 delightful women from Washington State staying at my place and they were going wine touring. Now despite living in the Okanagan Valley for the past 24 years, I had never been on a wine tour. and that’s just a bit embarrassing however it is the truth. Don’t get me wrong though, I have been going to wineries , a lot of them in fact, but I’ve always driven there or even better, been driven there by somebody. I had never actually taken a full blown wine tour. So when these 4 woman from Washington said they were being picked up at the house, I was suddenly intrigued. Mostly with the thought, Hey I could take you wine touring myself, what the ?? So I walked down the driveway  to meet the tour driver, a nice guy named Freddy. I started pummeling him with questions and before you know it, we exchanged numbers and he said let’s meet to discus my interest. And so we did and the rest is history or as I named the company, Sip Happens Wine Tours. That was in July of 2014. Freddy and I met a few times, he gave me tons of details on what needed to be done and then he went south: literally. Down to Arizona for the winter and out of communication.Freddy did not even answer any emails or anything, Now to his credit, my husband Mel said to me “why don’t you do wine tours?” I looked at him with disgust and said  I’m not a bus driver. Well apparently I am. And so the new journey begins!