Is this your first wine tour?

I had a group of 10 fabulous woman from Vancouver on a Kelowna wine tour of the Scenic Sip Wine Trail recently and not one of them had ever done a wine tour before. These were ladies in their 30’s-40’s, moms away on a girls weekend. There was a little apprehension as to what to expect on the tour. It’s a lot more easy going, at least here on a Sip Happens Wine Tours, then some think. Basically you sip, chat, snack and enjoy the views! Its just that simple. Some people know a lot about wine and some people just know the color of wine they prefer. Either way, wine tours are first and foremost supposed to be fun and informative without pretension, formality or intimidation. In the wine tasting rooms you can learn as little or as much as you like about wine. The knowledgeable tasting room staff are great at reading the group. On this particular tour, Ingird at Ancient Hill Estate gave the ladies wine tasting 101 upon arrival at our first stop. It was impressive to watch the sniffing, swirling and sipping begin with an entire group new to wine touring. This is a day for you to enjoy and nothing else matters. Relax and try a new experience, easy to say you’ll love it!