On the wine tour today we heard “Standard Poodles are too smart for me”.

There are a lot of great conversations on any given day in the wine tour van and today  was no exception.  Towards the end of the tour, conversation turned to mans best friend. Dogs. As we shared what kind of dog we had, the conversation was engaging. We love our dogs.

People talk about Standard Poodles as being the smartest dog in the world. We’ve all heard it but until you own one, you won’t get it. One of the top, if not the top, hunting dog in the world, is the Standard Poodle.  They have a bad rap as a froofee dog. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Growing up, we had a Standard Poodle named Dooley. He was amazing. My two sisters and me  were under 10 and we’re just happy to have a dog in the house to love so we didn’t know  the extent of his abilities. He used to fight with the white Standard across the street named Bo but we all knew It was Bo’s fault. One day a kid in the neighbourhood jumped over our backyard gate and landed on Dooley as he slept in the sun. He snapped out of his deep sleep and snapped at the kid too. That was the last day he spent in our house. “He’s too dangerous”, “too unpredictable” and we are getting rid of him. 😳.  You can imagine how devastated a 10 yr old girl would feel. This was our family dog. And then he was gone.

At Sip Happens Wine Tours, we are blessed to have  a varied and diverse  group of customers. Each day on the tour is a brand new experience.  After 32 years as a radio broadcaster, I thought  I had heard it all. Not so. Every day is different, filled with interesting people with interesting stories. Everyone has a story. You’ve heard it before and it’s true.

On one of our tours today, we had a wonderful group of friends dating back to grade school. Every year since the gals turned 30, they take a holiday together and this time they chose Lake Country staying in a beautiful lakefront house in Oyama.

Today was fabulous  touring the wineries in Lake Country including Arrowleaf Cellars with the charming and debonair  David behind the tasting bar and Callie at Ex Nihilo Vineyards. Lunch at The Grapevine at Gray Monk Estate was amazing as usual and it was just a great day.  On the ride home we all started talking about dogs. Dogs we loved, dogs we wanted, dogs dogs dogs. One of our guest says ” I don’t want a Standard Poodle because I think it would be too smart for me”. Whhhaaat? Never heard that before. What a mind blowing statement. Then I started thinking about out 18 month old purebred Standard named Shamus and I knew just what she meant.

Love the dogs and the people who love them. Throw in wine and you have  a great day.