Valentines Day, Spring and Winter Wine Tours in Kelowna and Lake Country!

This has got to be the longest nastiest winter we hear in the Okanagan Valley have felt in many years. Having moved here from North Vancouver 24 years ago, it’s hard to remember a worst winter and it’s not even the middle of January.. It makes you appreciate the small things in life like having a roof over your head, a vehicle that starts in the morning and spring around the corner. Besides it could always be worse. Its a lot colder in many parts of Canada especially for our neighbors next door in Alberta so its hard to whine too loudly.

As more and more wineries stay open all year, the winter wine tour is alive and thriving here in the Okanagan. Its a quieter, cozier experience with lots of time for your tasting and room at the tasting bar to spread out.. Lets face it, with the popularity of wine tourism in the Okanagan, USA Today naming us the second best wine tourism destination in the world and Huffington Post giving us number 1 spot, it’s no surprise how fast the business of making and tasting wine has grown.

Sip Happens Wine Tours is looking forward like to spring for sure but we are also introducing many folks to the wonders of the winter wine tour experience. When we get to Valentines Day in the middle of February , its like a light at the end of the snow tunnel. This year, Valentines Day is celebrated early on February 11th and 12th at the wineries and vineyards in Kelowna and Lake Country on the Scenic Sip Wine Trail.. These include Ancient Hill Estate in Kelowna and Intrigue Wines, 50th Parallel Estate, Gray Monk Estate, Ex Nihilo Vineyards and Blind Tiger Vineyards in Lake Country. Taste the wine, sample the special tasty bites and feel the love this Valentines Day weekend. We are offering a special tour price of $89 per person for visits to all these wineries  including door to door service(* some restrictions apply), tastings and special Valentines Day offerings, bottled water and some small snacks like cheese and crackers, chocolate and grapes. Treat someone you love with the experience of a winter wine tour and shake the chills out!! Call or text us 778-214-4118 if you want more info or to book.