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Wine touring with Sip Happens is the ultimate way to explore the Enjoy Wine Touring Okanagan Year Round Valley wine regions, hitting up four to five wineries in a single day without a care in the world about designated drivers. Your trusty guide will become your local concierge while sharing all the juicy tidbits about the area. Plus, they’re basically your personal photographer, snapping insta-worthy pics to commemorate the day!

Booking a wine tour with us? Say goodbye to stress and planning – just kick back, sip, and savor the best the Okanagan has to offer while you discover new favorites and wander through boutique wineries.

Winter Wine Tours

When winter rolls around, the wine shops in the Okanagan are as chill as a bottle in the fridge. Imagine the winemaker themselves pouring your vino! They love a good chat about their wine-making skills. As the temps drop, your taste buds might surprise you by craving cozy reds – even if you’re not usually a fan. Think ports, mulled wines, and full-bodied reds to warm your soul.

Spring Wine Tours

Springtime is when the wineries tend drop their latest creations, and you can be the first to taste ’em.  Sip on aromatic whites like Rieslings, Viogniers, and Gewürztraminers while the vineyards burst into bloom. Snap pics of the vibrant green grapes and fresh leaves against the backdrop of the Okanagan Valley’s stunning lakes – it’s like Mother Nature’s canvas coming to life!

Summer Wine Tours

Summer is prime time for wine trail adventures in the Okanagan, with vineyards and tasting rooms in full swing. Pose for pics amidst the vines, against the stunning Okanagan Valley views. Sipping a glass of wine on a hot Okanagan summer day? Pure bliss.


Fall Wine Tours

As the leaves don their fall wardrobe and harvest season wraps up, the vineyards in the Okanagan offer breathtaking views. Picture yourself exploring the vineyards, overlooking the lake, with wine in hand – a feast for the eyes and the palate. Fewer crowds mean more time to dive into wine-making tales, winery history, and expand your taste horizons. Fall in this region still packs warmth, making it the ideal season to enjoy the great outdoors and great wines!

So, why wait? Join us year-round for a Sip Happens wine tour adventure in the beautiful Okanagan Valley that’s as fun as it is delicious!

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