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The East Kelowna Wine Region boasts some of the oldest vineyards and a fascinating history in the Okanagan Valley. Just minutes from downtown Kelowna, the East Kelowna and Lakeshore Wine Trails offer a variety of popular family-owned boutique and iconic wineries. Here is a list of our top favorite venues on these trails, where you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time and taste extraordinary award-winning wines!

1. Sperling Vineyards: Established on the historical Father Pandosy property in the 1920s, Sperling Vineyards achieved commercial success supplying grapes to other wineries. In 2008, the Sperling sisters and their husbands opened a small boutique winery next to their mother’s popular Pioneer Country Market. Certified organic since 2017, Sperling’s wines are known for elegance, texture, and authenticity, earning them numerous awards.

2. The View Winery: Housed in a 1920s apple packing plant, The View Winery and Cidery has a long family history dating back five generations. They produce over 10,000 cases of wine and cider annually, including their popular ‘Bling’ Sparkling Wine and Ward’s Apple Cider. They were one of the first to produce Pinotage in BC and continue to evolve their diverse portfolio of wines.

3. The Vibrant Vine: A unique blend of wine, art, and music awaits at The Vibrant Vine. Founded in 2010, this winery showcases captivating 3D art on labels, clothing, and walls. They play music in the barrel room to enhance the wine with sound vibrations, giving them their name. Enjoy live music on their outdoor stage during the summer season and pair it with their fine wines and charcuterie boards.

4. Summerhill Pyramid Winery: Established in 1986, Summerhill Pyramid Winery is an iconic family-owned establishment, the most visited winery in BC. It was the first certified organic winery in BC and is also certified biodynamic. They are a top producer of Canadian Sparkling Wine and have a renowned Sunset Organic Bistro with a panoramic view of Okanagan Lake.

5. Nagging Doubt Winery: Owned by winemaker Rob Westbury, Nagging Doubt began as an online virtual winery in 2010 before becoming an artisanal estate winery in East Kelowna. They make their wines by hand, combining modern and traditional techniques using grapes from three different regions. Their wines, including ‘The Pull’ and ‘The Leap,’ rival some of the most popular wineries in the Okanagan.

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