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Nestled north of Kelowna, Lake Country BC holds a treasure trove: the Scenic Sip Wine Trail. Bordered by Okanagan, Wood, and Kalamalka lakes, this serene haven lives up to its name.

Lake Country boasts rolling hills, orchards, and vineyards, each offering stunning views. Here’s a glimpse of the outstanding wineries along this trail:

Gray Monk Estate Winery: A pioneer in the BC wine scene for over 45 years, Gray Monk introduced Pinot Gris grapes to Canada. Its legacy lives on as Pinot Gris remains a favorite varietal.

Arrowleaf Winery: Named after the Okanagan sunflower with arrow-shaped leaves, Arrowleaf Winery focuses on cool-climate grapes like Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Ex Nihilo: Latin for “Out of Nothing,” Ex Nihilo is an artistic haven showcasing local art in its tasting room. Its ‘Chaos’ bistro serves artisan pizzas, making it a true creative oasis.

Intrigue Winery: Born from passion, Intrigue Winery offers a boutique-style experience with wines to suit every budget.

O’Rourke Peak Cellars: A newcomer that has quickly captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts, Peak Cellars has approximately 100 acres of sprawling vineyards, which produces a diverse range of varietals. Peak Cellars offers a unique wine-tasting experience that perfectly complements the region’s natural beauty.

Ancient Hills: Nestled like a European castle within the scenic Lake Country landscape, Ancient Hills Winery is a family-owned gem that promises an enchanting wine experience. With a commitment to tradition and craftsmanship, the winery handles every step of the winemaking process on-site, from growing the grapes to fermentation and bottling.

Embark on an enchanting journey this fall with Sip Happens Wine Tours and experience the allure of Lake Country’s Scenic Sip Wine Trail.




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